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Dec 11, 2012

A Peek at My Winter Goodies, 1st Snow, Thrifting, Hubby's New Blog, Crafts, Anya

1st Snow-
We had our first little bit of the white stuff this weekend, right after Dave out up the Christmas lights! Every year, it seems to work out that way :)  Just a little. The hens went out and the 2 new girls were like "what the heck is this new stuff on the ground???" Funny...

I found a like-new red polar fleece big shirt, nice and toasty for work. We also found a nice, big storage bag for our fake tree. With allergies we find it works much better for our breathing. While I LOVE fresh trees, I'm wheezing by day 3 :(   I also found a few holidays goodies things, cute and cheap! Man the stores are really stocked this year with fun holiday stuff, may of it brand new-

                                  A little country elf, I just had to!$4.00, still had the original price tag on!

I love the little gingerbread girl

I got the new Santa on the bottom

I like the little tree and snowman together, even better for $2.00! I took lace off the tree base, I like the wood better. 

Cute little snowman for a buck, he makes me smile sitting on my kitchen window, I LOVE snow, bring it on!

A Peek at My Winter Goodies-
We'll be putting up our tree this weekend. I never like to get too saturated with Christmas stuff too early, it's just too commercialized. But I do start putting up winter things in early December. I go for a more natural look. I leave these "generic" things up until the end of January. Christmas stuff comes down on New Year's Day or so. It more restful on the eyes that way, IMO. Here's a little tour of some of my winter holiday goodies scattered thru the house-

Our front entry way

               A little wreath I like to hang above our bed                   

On our bedroom dresser for a little winter color

Top of our high boy. The antlers with fur remind me of reindeer. I got it out thrifting a few years back

I found the wood star thrifting and added the berries

A little quilt I love!

A saw a cute wreath at Target the other day- just covered with yarn! I should have taken a photo. I can do THAT!!! I did take some pics of these-

   A cute idea to make, at Hobby Lobby. You'd just need enough plates

I want this lamp at Hobby Lobby! Maybe next time I get their 40% off coupon :)

Hubby's New Photography Blog-
My husband Dave has been really growing his photography skills the last few years. He's selling prints and calendars to friends and co-workers. He recently decided to take the plunge with blogging! I helped him get a basic set up. Drop by and checkout his stuff! Everyday Art in Boise

                               Anya during a cold winter afternoon cuddling under the comforter

Anya playing in my new chicken wire basket (birthday gift from kids) trying to grab the candle

Anya did actually get the candle, jumped down, but I retrieved...



Michelle said...

Your Christmas stuff looks cute. I love your cat. He looks very fluffy. Bet he makes a great foot warmer.

Susan said...

Oh, I bet your house is so festive! And that picture of Anya under the covers is priceless! I will hop over to check out your hubby's blog today...

Kristina said...

Everything looks so nice. Cute photos of the cat too.

Candy C. said...

I just LOVE all your winter-y decorations!! That little primitive quilt and the Country Elf are just to die for!! Love the Hobby Lobby lamp too and you know how I feel about the Julbok! ;)
Anya is such a cute kitty and looks a little mischievous too!

nancy said...

Thanks all! Anya is a cute little girl, and yes she gets into trouble :)

David Oliver said...

It is really when I see things on my wife's blog that I do not even know we have. Just goes to show how much we can get into routines and not notice the decor. :-(

nancy said...

Yes, it's like background noise...

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