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Sep 1, 2012

Your Privacy- Is It Extinct?

Your Privacy- Is It Extinct?-
If you still think you have a reasonable amount of privacy in your life... New York Times "The Program" - the documentary's producer Poitras has personal experience that is illustrative of some of what is going on:

“To those who understand state surveillance as an abstraction, I will try to describe a little about how it has affected me. The United States apparently placed me on a “watch-list” in 2006 after I completed a film about the Iraq war. I have been detained at the border more than 40 times. Once, in 2011, when I was stopped at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and asserted my First Amendment right not to answer questions about my work, the border agent replied, “If you don’t answer our questions, we’ll find our answers on your electronics.” As a filmmaker and journalist entrusted to protect the people who share information with me, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to work in the United States. Although I take every effort to secure my material, I know the N.S.A. has technical abilities that are nearly impossible to defend against if you are targeted.”


How Privacy Went Extinct in 10 Years in America, - The article says, in part:
“Today’s surveillance and tracking systems can (in principle) integrate infinite amounts of information: your location and identity via GPS and face recognition technology; video feeds from the cameras located down the street or across the globe; records from any and all databases; electronic communications like voice and emails. It’s all in the processors and the sky's the limit.”

Now think of where this might be in 10 years? And if you thought no one could eavesdrop on your cell phone conversation if it's turned off, think again... even if you have nothing to hide, isn't this a violation of our rights? You betcha.


fullfreezer said...

Do I have a file with the FBI and NSA? Of course. I know it. I've known it for years. In fact we were informed of security checks when my BIL was interviewing for a position for the DOE years ago. I still have family who work for the government or in sensitive jobs. Do I get pinged for certain posts I write or texts I send? Probably. Does it bother me? Not really. That is, sadly, the price we pay for living in this day and age. I've got nothing to hide. I fear there is a lot of 'fear-mongering' out there, preying on people's insecurities.
However, there are also reasons I don't put a lot of information out there. It's need to know information and people don't need to know.

What bothers me more than the government monitoring me is big business monitoring me. Tracking my purchases through my credit or debit card and 'profiling me'. THAT, I feel is much more of an invasion of my privacy. I don't like it when the grocery store coupon machine spits out coupons that have no connection to my present purchase but from items from my 'purchase history' that I haven't bought in a while- like they can predict how much of something I need or want. THAT irritates me. And don't even get me started on "targeted ads" on my computer based on my browsing history. I know people are trying to make a buck but REALLY??

Sorry... I've gone off on a bit of a rant. Obviously too much coffee this Saturday morning.


nancy said...

Yes, I probably have something too, but I won't say why. I have my subversive past ;) I didn't post it either to scare people, but it does beg the question of- how much do you really want to share? I do very little on Facebook, for instance, because once it's there it's permanent, even if you delete your acct. It's still hanging out there. I like paying cash and not having everyone know where I am, all the time. I think younger people who use social networks really don't get this AT ALL. Where you live, shop, your memberships, your texts/emails, vacations, accounts, etc. Someone is always watching... creepy.

Julie said...

I am always concerned when I hear people say "I don't mind I have nothing to hide." The problem with this attitude is the attitude is as long as your not doing something bad information about you can not be used in a negative way. But who can guarantee that? How can we be assured that 10,20 years down the line your personal info won't be used against you despite being nothing but a law abiding citizen? Or that individuals can utilize this info against you?

I live in Minneapolis, and we recently had to switch our license plates to ones that can be scanned. I recently learned that the data of where your car is being tracked and then becomes public information for one year. What if you had a stalker? Here's the article on this:

I agree with you Nancy that most people are completely unaware of the level of spying on everyday citizens that is going on (One reason I love the show Person of Interest!). From your ONstar car spying on you (even if you don't subscribe to it) to your computers microphone recording you, it's happening. And unfortunately even if you chose not to use a lot of today's technology, other people can post pics and info about you on facebook or other social media. My husband is not on facebook and none the less is in their facial recognition software now due to family tagging him in photos they posted.

Thanks for sharing the article Nancy, I found the part about DAS having "clearly designated..signs for organizations such as the Federal Reserve, the Bank of New York, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, and CitiGroup." quite interesting. Why would the government allow a few select private corporations to spy on all of NYC? Lots to think about!

nancy said...

Thanks for your comments Julie. It is pretty scary. And why do these megacorps get special priveledges? Probably lining politician's pockets... and that's why no spot for the ACLU :)

Kristina said...

Yes, we have no privacy anymore. Scary isn't it?

nancy said...

Yes, and most people don't seem to know, care or understand.

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