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Aug 17, 2012

Cost Plus Field Trip, Junktique Shop, Gorgeous Spain

Photo by Amanda Brooks,
Cost Plus World Market Field Trip-
I'm still alive in the smoky hinterlands of Boise, so I ran some errands today. I had a $10.00 off a $40.00 purchase for Cost Plus, so I stopped in. I love their dried, stuffed pastas with cheese or basil pesto. They're great for a quick dinner and cheaper than my discount grocery store, go figure. Here's my $30.00 haul: nutmeg nuts, teas, bow-shaped pastas, some chocolate, crackers and the stuffed pastas. I am happy! I like to add this kind of thing once in a while to my basic food storage. I think there's a difference between eating well and eating cheap. While I go mostly for whole foods, I do buy small amounts of "packaged foods", like the stuffed pastas. By the way, the pasta make a pretty big batch...

Cost Plus had some new items that I loved, because they had CHICKEN WIRE!!! I also loved a few vintagey looking items they had, gave me some ideas of thing to make or re-purpose:

I love one of these for my kitchen corner

Maybe for my bathroom?

Maybe for ???

Only $7.00, but I don't know where I'd put it...

More chicken wire

And these were just too cute- chalk paint with a clothes pin on the back, what a great idea!
I could use these in my herb pots. And no, I don't work for Cost Plus, wish I did.
Think of the employee discount :)

Junktique Shop-
I stopped into a place today that I kept seeing closed. It was open today. Short version, it's a place that's just sort of sitting there. Too overpriced to move, but Grandma won't retire :)  Too bad, I had to leave empty handed. TONS of vintage and antiques and over 4,000 sq.ft.. Maybe someone will wake up and make some sales some day-

Gorgeous Spain-
I've been reading and watching documentaries about Spain the last few years. I found some gorgeous photos of a "hotel" called Trasierra, north of Seville. It was lovingly restored, as you can see. Amanda Brooks is an author, blogger and fashionista (a what?) who has documented her travels recently. Gorgeous photos, so now I REALLY want to go to Spain!  Not in the budget, but I can be inspired :) I love the rooms she took shots of! Now for a virtual tour. Her book and website is I Love Your Style 
How restful, don't you think?

Nice vintage basket collection on the walls

How green and inviting! I love the HUGE flowering vines

I love the simple blue and whites. Love the wood door, great texture

I love this! Notice the little tiled border on the sides next to the white walls?
Little planters, what a nice touch! Talk about meticulous details.


Ashlee said...

Nancy, can you shoot me over an email? I can't seem to find a contact link for you...

Candy C. said...

It's a good thing *I* don't work for Cost Plus...I would owe THEM money every payday! LOL!! The chicken wire thingys are very cute and it looks like you did good with your $30!! :)

Unknown said...

I hear you! We have an account there but I rarely use it. They still send us these about 2 or 3 times a year, good time to grab a few things! I paid cash :)

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of Cost Plus, but it looks like they have some neat stuff. It's probably a good thing that I don't live by one...I think I would be too tempted. :-)

Unknown said...

They're a pretty big chian, kind of like Pier 1, but they sell oots of internationf foods, wine, toys, etc. I wish we'd get a Trader Joes here, I love their healthy, cheaper foods!

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