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Aug 20, 2012

Back To Work Today, Garden Update, Flat Iron Steak with Pesto Recipe

My summer "sea table"

Back To Work Today-
Sigh, it's that time- back to my job today, the kids coming back in 1 week. The first two days will be training and meetings, oh JOY! I'll sit there thinking about all the other things I should probably be doing. Oh well. I will be cutting back on my blogging, as I will be busy. I envy people who can afford to stay home full time or are retired. The things I could do year round!!! I'd probably start a business :) The flip side, I think I would be bored staying home all the time. I'd miss the interactions in the business side of things. Being a bit of an over-achiever (so I've often been told) I like the challenge of doing things like writing grants (and getting more than anyone else), planning ahead and doing things "outside the box". I'm hoping the forest fire smoke really subsides before the kids are back, as we have many with asthma and that will be tough- inside recess is never any fun. They need get out with their pals!

"Girls" posing by the raised bed
Garden Update-
I feel like I'm finally starting to catch up to everyone bragging about their big harvest. After daily watering in 90+ degree heat since June (ugh) something better grow dang it! Lettuce pretty well died, but I'm hoping when it cools down it may revive, maybe. Cukes all died. Upon recent inspection, the good news is I have- 5 or 6 mystery pumpkins and squashes are really growing!

I have tons of medium, small and tiny (grape) tomatoes and they're getting ripe, finally! We had 3 last night sliced with a little olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar. Oh, they were so WONDERFUL! Also, lots of rhubarb ready to harvest (2nd round) and tons of baby bell peppers.

                                                                           little jalapenos

lots of little Japanese eggplants

my cabbages are finally getting heads!

I picked about 10-12 cups of fresh basil- man did I ever make pesto! I will always plant the basil seeds inside in the spring, since I got such a huge harvest. And there's still more left to cut!

 Pesto making "station"

Pesto ready for freezer

I sat some aside and made a Flat Iron Steak With Pesto that night. I used Rosie's recipe (posted before) for the pesto, much healthier. I subbed "London Broil" cut as it was just as good and cheaper. I got 3 good sized steaks for $7.00. Wow, the flavor! It was great with garden tomatoes and multi grain linguine with a little cheese...


Kristina said...

That pesto looks wonderful, and so does the dinner.

nancy said...

Thanks! I need a beef fix every once in a while...

Carolyn Renee said...

Oh my that steak looks WONDERFUL!!
Not to mention the pesto :)
I do have a question for you though. How DO you keep the chickens OUT of the raised beds? Or was that just a trick shot and you had them glued to a board on the other side of the bed???

Susan said...

What a great combination - I never think of beef+pesto. I think I will have to try it! It must be rough to go back to work after being off for so long. I don't dare take more than 10 days, or I have to be dragged back, kicking and screaming!

Candy C. said...

Dang, I'm sorry I missed dinner!!
I think I'm actually busier by working at home than I would be if I had an outside job. People often ask me what I do all day!! ROTFL!!
P.S. Don't you just love those cute little half-pint jars?!? :)

nancy said...

Carolyn, they're only allowed out in the main back yard while supervised:)

Susan, I know how licky I am!

Candy, yes if I had the land, animals, and famer's market items to make that you sell I would too!