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Jul 8, 2012

It's HOT! Technology, Dehumanization and Homesteading & My Blog Award!

It's HOT!!!
This photo was from yesterday, in the shade, on the north side of the house. Ugh. We were out running errands, and I was really tired from being in and out of the heat. I drank lots of water, went to bed early and today will be staying in. Giving the garden and chickens lots of extra TLC...

Technology, Dehumanization and Homesteading-
I read an article and loved this section, it reminds me to be more thoughtful about the choices I make:

1. Whenever technology does not humanize it dehumanizes (diminishes man). 2. Whatever diminishes man diminishes his capacity to receive God. 3. Therefore bad technology is spiritually alienating and destructive to the soul.

It should be evident that in many instances the conclusion drawn about a particular piece of technology will depend upon many factors besides the piece of technology itself. Thus, in spite of my latent Luddism, I have been convinced by experience that in general, while not great technology (it is noisy, undependable, and pollutes) the chainsaw is a defensible tool. To saw a winter's worth of wood by hand takes an ungodly long time and a huge output of energy, but with a chainsaw it is a couple of days labor (depending on the latitude). It seems the time and energy saved make it worth enduring the noise and smell. But this is not absolute: if the time saved is spent building, planting, praying, playing with kids or some other holy endeavor it is a worthwhile exchange. If it's spent watching TV one would be better off sweating over the woodpile. Other technologies may seem more black and white. An electric knife or can opener, for example, seems to be about as senseless a piece of gadgetry as can be conceived, except for the arthritic or handicapped. And some folks, I am told, regularly drive to spas where they then pay money to walk on treadmills.

From-, a compilation of a magazine articles with a Catholic back-to-the-land vision. From their web site, describing the contributors- These people came from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, and included organic farmers, artists, homeschooling mothers, human rights activists, professors, computer professionals, Luddites, friars working in the inner city, and families living in the backwoods.While I'm not religious I "get it", from a spiritual perspective. I will peruse their database when I have more time. caelum et terra loosely translated means "heaven to earth"...


My Blog Award!-
A big thank you to Ashlee at Tinygardener for the new One Lovely Blog Award! Wow, that made my month !!! So here the requirements: I have to share 7 random things about myself and also pass it on to 10 other lovely blogs. I will post a comment to the other blogs to let them know!

7 Random Things About Myself-
1. I hate having to listen too much loud noise around the neighborhood. Am I just getting old?
2. I watch too much tv
3. I love my new cat Anya, she's awesome!!!
4. I can't figure out how to remove 2 big shrubs in the front yard, so I can plant more fruit trees
5. I want to go fishing locally but can't find anyone to show me a good spot
6. My right hip hurts, back to PT tomorrow
7. I love my camera, it's so easy to use and has consistent, decent shots!

My 10 One Lovely Blog Awards go to, drum roll, please.....
Pioneerwomanatheart  She really inspired me the most to start my own blog and push myself in homesteading, thanks!

While there are some other blogs I check once in a while, these are all on my "must read" list! So many great ideas!!!



Goat Song said...

Congrats! You really do deserve the award for your lovely blog! And thank you so much for passing the award on to my little blog! This really made my day! :D

nancy said...

You're welcome! :)

Kristina said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you Nancy!

nancy said...

You're so welcome!!! :)

Candy C. said...

Congratulations Nancy, you deserve it!! :)
Thanks for passing it along to me and all the other lovely blogs you mentioned!

nancy said...

Thanks and you're welcome!!!

Leigh said...

Nancy I'm honored you'd think of me, though I'll likely be slow to get it going on my blog. :) And congratulations yourself.

Interesting point about technology and I agree. I think some folks are so enamored with it that they think they don't need God, or it proves God doesn't exist. Seems like when we stop acknowledging one another as being in the image of God, we lose respect for one another. Industry then starts treating people like machines, as dispensable. There's no sense of balance.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for thinking of me :)

nancy said...

Thanks Leigh and Jane!

Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

Well congratulations, I think you well deserved it. I so enjoy reading your blog. You are so inspiring. And I too want to that you for thinking of me.

nancy said...

You're welcome!!!

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