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Jul 1, 2012

Chunky Prim Flag, Ugly Shelf Makeover, Vintage Finds & Sewing

Chunky Prim Flag-
After seeing this idea I had to make one! I used white interior house paint, crafts paint, scrap 2 x 4's, & burlap I already had. I think it's pretty cute!

Ugly Shelf Makeover-
I had seen some display shelves installed over doors, on other blogs. Since I have a small kitchen and have some vintage items now, I thought I'd try that for some extra space. Dave and I hit a thrift store today where I had seen lots of these kinds of shelves pretty cheap last week. We measured our door before and I took a tape measure. We got the ugly brown one today for $3.00, half price, and it fits perfectly! :) It would have been a lot more expensive to buy the new components at a big box store. I have one door going into the living room that had 3 ceramic trivets (made by my kids) over it. So I took them down (for another place), touched up the paint, and now it's a nice clean canvas, so to speak-

                                     Several coats of white interior paint (that I already had) later-

As it's still drying, I will post the "after" photo when I get it up and the vintage kitchen items are on it. Speaking of which.... 

Vintage Finds-
Dave spotted a small yard sale yesterday morning when he was out and called me. He was trying to describe a kerosene heater/lamp, and I couldn't quite "get it" over the phone, so we went down together. There were some really old vintage items from the 1900's -1920's. I spent a whopping $4.00! Here's my haul-

A large biscuit cutter- 4" across that I'll actually use that for those special "I need a GIANT biscuit" times

 A "mixer" for pancake batters, etc. I'd never seen one like this before-

A meat grinder, that works, with all the original blades. I've been wanting to start grinding my own meat after the "pink slime" fiasco. Plus who want to eat ground up cartilage, fat, and god-knows-what else??? I'm trying to lose weight and eat more whole foods. Those don't qualify :) She had a whole table full of these for $3.00 each!

Dave just had to have this, it was just like his Mom's, it was 5 cents, what a deal! 
The original price was still stamped on it- 59 cents.

In a junk store, out of town, I found these, $2.00 each. The green candles match my vintage stuff! They're about 7" high, nice and small.

I spent a half day this last week re-fitting many of my older tops down to fit the slimmer me now. This was the before of my spare bedroom-

It looked like a clothing explosion, but everything fits now! I'm so glad I bought my new sewing machine last year. It's really paid for itself! Now I can walk across the room and set up the total gym (sitting off to the left), and and start working out :)
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Leigh said...

I always love these posts. What a find the mixer is. Would love one of these! Then when I got to the meat grinder, I had to go dig out the one I got from my grandmother. Mine is the same except for the embossed text. It's a "L.F.&C. Universal #2" So cool that you found the owners manual online! I never knew what the L.F.&C. stood for. Where did you find it? I need one too. :)

nancy said...

Thanks! At a yard sale, but there are lots on eBay and I've seen them at thrift stores too!

Susan said...

You find and create the most amazing things! I love the chunky prim flag!

nancy said...

Thanks, I was inspired by Girlinair so I can't take credit :) Just had some leftover lumber and an itch I had to scratch!

Candy C. said...

The chunky flag really turned out cute and just in time for the 4th!! :)
I have one of those grinders too but mine only has one blade, the top one in your photo. What a neat find!

nancy said...

Thanks! There were a few of the grinders that had extra blades at that yardsale, so I grabbed one that had them. I had to guess, though, because I had no way of knowing how many blades it actually had! For $3.00 I figured I'd chance it, lucky find!