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Jun 15, 2012

Vintage Finds Display, Rehabbing Old Stuff, New Member Of the Family, Garden and Cookies!

Vintage Finds Display- After scoring recently with My Vintage Kitchen Finds, I was left with the problem of finding a spot to display them. I thought about on the soffit area above the kitchen cabinets, on top of my china hutch, a shelf over the door, etc. Still stymied, I thought of my little french shelf by my computer in the kitchen. with some of my Grandfather's WW1 French items, which I will re-display somewhere else. I also put out my vintage Foley food mill to complete the vintage look on the counter :) 

I'm happy I didn't have to put out any $$ for this, and it was easy. If, or I should say, when I go back to to the little store I got these from, I might have to change my plans since I will buy a few more:)  I read the shade of green on these utensils is called "french green". Who knew! I used the cheese slicer a few days ago, it's still sharp! I did paint the handles of the pancake turner and mixer, since they were bare, to match. I was lucky to find a fairly good match at a crafts store. Since I'm not selling them I think it looks good. They had red paint originally, just a speck or two left. I used a craft store piece of unfinished wood for the cookie cutters, to go above my range. 

Rehabbing Old Stuff- I've had a couple things I've wanted to re-do, so I got out the left over paints. This little wooden box was just too dark brown, and so off white/cream color, maybe for when I buy more green vintage stuff! It was my attempt at a fall prim look, above :)  


Our New Member of the Family- After long and careful thought (after losing Samantha) we decided to get a cat. I had been bugging Dave about getting a cat since last year. I missed having one. We didn't want to get a cat as a "replacement" for Sam, but we knew we weren't in that mode. We wound up going to a wonderful no-kill cat shelter called Simplycats. Dave fell in love with Anya, a four year old girl who had to be brought in by her family. I wanted a kitten with 3 legs and no tail, who'd been hit by a car. No go for Dave :(  I surrendered to Anya, ice blue eyes, and who's de-clawed, a plus for Dave. I personally don't believe in de-clawing cats, even 100% indoor ones like ours. I think they need to be able to defend themselves if needed. I'm not convinced we won't have another dog at some point ;) She really friendly and sweet, and she sat watching the birds thru the window. She cracked me up last night- she got on our bed, snuggled right next to me and the blanket, put her face on my elbow and looked up adoringly. Oh man, I'm in love now too! 

Garden- I added a couple more tomatoes in the main veggie bed, did about 1 1/2 hours of pruning, & cleaned up in the front yard. I planted some poppies and calendula from seed. I'll make some calendula tincture if they take, good for sore muscles! Good for my Independence Days list! Make your own meds! The raised bed is coming along nicely, just watering and my 2 old rhubarbs are coming back!!!

Cookies! A couple of nights ago I made these- Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie I used chopped up chunks of bittersweet chocolate leftover from the holiday baking I didn't do. I used pecans and I thought I went to heaven! Oh joy!


Leigh said...

Love your new vintage display! I didn't know that about the green handles. I have a couple of the same pieces from my grandmother, but she repainted the handles pink!

Anya is gorgeous. I'm a cat person at heart too. Your garden is coming along nicely and the cookies look really good too.

nancy said...


Candy C. said...

I love all your rehabs and the display for your vintage kitchen items! Your roses are sooo beautiful!
Good for you guys for adopting Anya! What a lucky girl she it! :)

My Journey With Candida said...

What a sweetie your new cat is.... Very pretty and look at those eyes. Would make ice melt.

Your garden is looking good. I made zucchini bread from my garden today. It is the first of the year. Hubs loves it so I am sure I will be making more.

nancy said...

I'm just hoping we have some decent growing weather!

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