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May 6, 2012

30+ Vegetables You Can Grow in Shade, New Backyard Garden Raised Bed

Ten Vegetables You Can Grow in Shade- I found this today, great timing since we've been building our new raised bed, which is part shade- 30 Veggies for Shade  Good to know! It's amazing how much you can grow in what you might thinks of as unusable space.

Full and lush with veggies!

New Backyard Garden Raised Bed- 
Dave and I finally got the pile I was beginning to hate built into the new backyard garden raised bed. The only cost was some screws. The wood had previously been untreated 2 x 4s from long pallets. Would have gone to the dump :) You could buy 10' fir 2 x 4s if you start with new wood. "Mr. Stumpy", leftover from taking down a sick tree, will be all covered with soil. After building I planted herbs and veggies, the weather cooperated! I will plant some more grasses and/or perennials in front of the wood frame to soften it. First we laid out the wood (see stump in middle) and as we wanted to utilize the space, it's wedge shaped, but you can build square-

Screwing the boards together, some re-cutting involved-

See junk 2 x 4s for braces inside and stump-

We filled with extra garden soil and our own compost. Veggies and herbs planted-

Flowers peeking out

Flowers planted, will add bark dust, next weekend we'll help out the sod with more seeds-

hen exploring, supervised!


Candy C. said...

It looks nice and growing food is a much better use of that spot! :)

nancy said...

Yes indeed, there's enough sun for herbs and some shady veggies...

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the partial shade and the corner! I have a corner of my oddly shaped lot I like to call the 'party hat' (my lot's a rectangle except for one corner that juts out), and this gives me mega inspiration!

(visiting via small-measures)


Anonymous said...

My yard is a hill. I hope to build a raised bed just don't know how on the slant.You mentioned supports but I don't see an explanation or what/how they are involved. Tks. Inspired.