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Apr 14, 2012

More Light, More Garden Space, 2 "Titanic" Chicks & Independence Days

More Light- We finally had our huge maple tree in our backyard trimmed. There were damaged areas, and we wanted to open up the food garden with more light. There originally have been a 2nd tree planted too close to it, we had it taken down 4 years ago, but it was lopsided on the south. We had it thinned and it looks much better, is safer and more light! We had 3 bids for it, and the person we used did a great job- asked questions, checked back, awesome clean up. It was expensive, but worth it, as we didn't want to lose the tree or have part of it fall on the house. Luckily we had an easement next to our fence for their bucket truck. Photos here:

Big tree huh!

Before the trim on the south side-


Had the old tree stump cut down too, the guy used 3 chainsaws and took a 1/2 hour!


This will be the new area for the raised-bed veggie spot. More light now!

New Titanic Chicks!- We got 2 new chicks last night! One's a light brown brahma and the other is a gold sexlink. Here's the story of trying to come up with names for them- we went out to breakfast this morning, went to the grocery store, came back to.... 2 chicks up on the feeder, with the entire 1 qt. waterer knocked over and about 1/4" of water all over the floor. They had cold feet and I have no idea how long they were like that! Poor babies! Dave wiped out the crate, and put in clean paper towels, while I held them and warmed their feet. I put them back in and they warmed up, drank some water, and fell asleep. I had been thinking about 2 strong female names for them. Then I got the names- Titanic's 2 strong women: "Rose" (from the movie) and the unsinkable "Molly" Brown since they survived the icy water! Ha! Rose and Molly it is. Molly will be the louder one- the Brahma, Rose the sexlink. They survivied their icy bath!!!

Rose in the front, Molly in the back

Independence Days-
I was getting shocked today at the grocery store with some of the rising prices- like peanut butter: up about $2.50 since Jan. and soda (which we don't drink) is the same price, but now a 1 1/2 liter bottle! It makes sense on the soda since it's tied to corn prices. It's all about fuel. I bought peanut butter to store, and glad I had a spare in the pantry closet. REALLY glad I took my food preservation/storage class!!!

1. Plant Something- I planted seeds 2 weeks ago for- basil, calendulas, swiss chard and Nasturtiums. Green and healthy! Prepping new garden bed for food, had stump removed. I decided to plant more raspberries too. Put herb pots outside from the garage. Deeped cleaned the backyard today, prepping for veggie planting.
2. Harvest Something- More eggs
3. Preserve Something- Freezing more food. 
4. Store Something- I stocked up on more more basics- peanut butter, butter, flour, etc. Getting ready to add another rain barrel for the garden, go from 2 to 3...
5. Manage Reserves- Get A Good Deal/Barter/Stock Up/Prep- Got 2 new chicks! Bought a reptile ceramic heat disc instead of a red heat lamp for the chicks, as they last much longer and won't shatter. Good deal!
6. Eat the Food- Try New Foods/Recipes- I'm getting better at mixing up leftovers into new dishes. I'm taking less frozen Amy's meals to work and using more home food. Although I still LOVE Amy's! All organic and delish!
7. Build Community Food Systems- Thinking about some neighbors that let their huge rhubarb harvest go to rot. I'm going to ask to buy some :) Going to let co-workers know I will have eggs for sale soon, once wormer is out of their system. A co-worker also offered to buy some of my organic berries this summer!
8. Recycle/Re-Use- More composting, feeding chickens scraps.  Re-used a leftover attic fan roof cover/ sleeve as a rhubard sheild from the chickens (they keep scratching the shoots coming up)! Perfect! I'm taking in more clothing for summer. Bought several items on eBay for nice, well made, cheaper clothing. Will be moving river rocks out from garden edge back 2 feet, to create larger veggie area.
9. Skill Up- Bought Storey's Guide for Chickens. Reading more homesteading books from the Library.
10. Regenerate What is Lost/Salvage Something- Had huge maple tree thinned, to protect and save it. Trimmed back berry vines for new growth.

What a hectic week! Samantha was too tired to put her head on the floor!


Candy C. said...

Wow, that tree was HUGE! Good deal getting more light into the backyard for your garden!
Love the names for your new chickie girls and I'm glad they survived their bath!

nancy said...

Yes, BIG tree, and they're so cute!

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