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Apr 1, 2012

Chalkboard Paint Re-Do, Thrifting Again, 75 Degrees, Free Farm Scenes Screensaver

Old 1930's government pamphlets

Chalkboard Paint Can Re-Do: I had this really old tea tin. I was going to give it to Goodwill or whoever. Then I remembered- I had some chalkboard paint! The wheels started spinning!!! Here's the "before", faded, icky green-
I sanded it lightly, all over, gave it three coats of paint. "After" photo:

I think it's cute!

Thrifting- I made a quick Goodwill stop and found some goodies again today: a car battery pump for an air mattress. We're wanting to start camping again, great for our camping mattress. A piece of art, $25.00 on the back, $4.99 for me:
Cuchina means kitchen in Italian

A nice little embroidery kit, with fabric, frame, etc. Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but maybe a gift (completed) for someone special soon :)

It was 75 Today- Weird weather, right before cold/rainy front. We did a lot of yard work today- modified a coop door, mowed, cleaned up the backyard and garage, and did some more composting. I had two 5 gallon tubs of dried beans for Y2K, (yeah I know) and so I finally asked Sharon, from my food prep class, if they might still be viable? I figured not and she concurred. I decided to compost them. Now I re-used one of the tubs for extra chicken feed, and have 2 more to re-fill with people food. Not sure what I'll refill them with? Bad news- they won't fit on my pantry shelves, except the top. That means something light weight (oats?) or somewhere else to store? Still thinking about that... Cold front is moving in, it's cooling off quickly. It got so windy we had dust storm advisories! And the high tomorrow-in the 40's! Pick a season already!

Free Farm Scenes Screen Saver- Cute easy to install:  Enjoy!


fullfreezer said...

We so need to mow. But the first time V got out the mower the blade belt slipped off. ugh. I just hope he gets it fixed before the grass is too long.
Our weather has been bizarre as well. We've hit 80 today but it was only in the upper 50's yesterday. We haven't had below freezings since early March. Normally our last freeze is in mid April. The lilacs are blooming- we don't normally see those until the middle of May. Who knows. I keep seeing people walking out of the garden centers with tomato plants. I'm not that brave.

nancy said...

I know, it's hard to figure out when to plant!

Candy C. said...

The old tea tin turned out really cute! Great re-purposing! :)

nancy said...


Kristina said...

I love the idea of the chalkboard tin can. Very nice.

Ngo Family Farm said...

"Pick a season already" is where we're at today, too! ;) Great idea with the chalkboard tin! Someday I'd like to have a chalkboard wall in the house.

nancy said...

Thanks! Those walls are great for kids!

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