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Mar 22, 2012

The "Modern" Life: Some Pros and Cons

After I read Sue's blog Thestuffthatkeepsmeawake I found myself asking the same questions. Here's the part of her list that I found common ground on. Her words are italicized, mine are not-


Internet-what a great way to meet like-minded people- Indeed! That's how I would up blogging!

Internet-for people that HATE shopping-what a great way to get that chore out of the way- I have never loved shopping, I do it guerrilla style- get in, get out

Internet-what a great source of information for those with an insatiable curiosity. YES! I do research of some kind almost daily

Internet-all the garden seeds you could ever possibly want! Yes, a great way to find out what you can plant where you are

Internet-able to order ANY book and get it sent to my local library. AMEN sister! I LOVE putting "holds" on stuff!

Digital Cameras, Yes, so easy to point, shoot, delete what doesn't work and post online quickly.

Energy Star appliances. Despite having way more electronics than 20 years ago, my electric bill is under $40 in the summer/$50 in the winter Yes, me too

Low-water usage washing machines. I swapped this to "pro" because mine works great!

Cellphones--And you'll see this one in my "cons" list too! Yes, I love the easy use and portability

Corporations running our country. Buy a congressman--get what you want! Yes can you spell GREED? I would add- corporate political groups too

Shoddy products / poor workmanship I'm shopping smarter because of that. I buy a lot of quality items on eBay and at thrift stores.

Low moral values That's a personal perspective, but I find much of the "youth" of America overly self-involved, lazy and not a lot of critical thinking going on for the media-ed majority. BUT I am hopeful they will wake up some day, but maybe not. Parents sometimes just don't care...

Drugs...EVERYWHERE!. Schools in particular are full of kids "trading" prescription drugs. We are an addicted society. Anyone who thinks we aren't should think about this- IT HAS BEEN ESTIMATED THAT 80% OF ALL ADULTS IN THE U.S. ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR PRESCRIPTION MOOD ALTERING DRUGS AT ANY GIVEN TIME. 80%.

Death of the family. Amen, but I am hopeful that we will figure that out. I think "family" is also perspective based. I think many parents are to blame for this, viewing their children as property and not people.

High crime rates and a shortage of police to deal with it. Our prison system is broken, period. It just doesn't work.

High Fructose Corn Syrup What more can I say :)

Food with ingredients you need a degree in Chemistry to decipher AMEN!

Round-Up ready crops- Plants that can be sprayed with a herbicide that KILLS everything. Us too? What is the point here? More corporate greed.

Cell phones ---in restaurants/theaters/libraries People are losing their people skills, and losing their in-person relationship skills.

Big Brother--he's watching you and every day you lose more and more freedoms. SOPA/PIPA  How much freedom are you willing to give up to be "safe"? I'd rather have a little less safety than know my rights are being eroded by the people who are supposed to be protecting them.


Michelle said...

I agree with a lot of your list. But I have to add one more. TV We wonder why people are losing they moral and our kids are turning out the way they are. Just look at what they are watching.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found your blog! I love connecting with other bloggers from Idaho. I'm interested in starting a garden this year and would love to achieve a certain degree of self-sufficiency. Is it ok if I follow along?

Candy C. said...

I agree with your list too and Michelle's addition. The cellphone/texting thingy EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME really, really bugs me. :(

nancypo said...

Michelle, yes parents really need to su[ervise their kids viewing.

Welcome Kim! Join the fun!

Candy, bugs me too! I yelled at a kid crossing the street texting, he never loked up :(

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