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Feb 27, 2012

Homesteading Goals For This Spring/Summer


My Ideas So Far- I saw someone else's list which inspired me to think about my own, and post it!

*Finish my spring food preservation/storage class and do more in that area.

*Buy a freezer

*Get 2 more chicks this spring to replace our lost girls, harvest more eggs, and sell some.

*Install 2 more rain barrels, and double our water harvest to 220 gallons.

*Add more edible landscaping to front and backyard.

*Continue to increase veggie garden size, and trim large maple tree for more sun! More sun = more food.

*Improve coop design, possible "green roof".

*Continue to eat/use more whole foods, and local foods.

*Tune up both our bikes and ride more.

*Continue to lose weight, as this helps me to be healthier and it's easier to do everything else!

*Hopefully remodel our bathroom, ew, it needs it!

It's interesting to note how many, basically all, of these tie into the Independence Days challenge! Well, except the bathroom :)  The tub is over 25 years old, enough said.


Candy C. said...

Good goals! It's funny how something as simple as trimming a tree will increase your food production! :)
Your bathroom comments made me laugh!

nancypo said...

We have a HUGE maple tree in our backyard, and it's hard to grow food around it. I'm hoping to hire a tree person soon, and trim it back a bit...

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