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Nov 13, 2011

Early Winter Chickens and Thrifting

All three of the girls enjoyed a rest in the morning sun, while Dave worked on the coop. The electrical system had a problem, all fixed now. Ellie (now recovered from worms) on the left- a Barred Rock, then Buffy- the Orpington, then Rosie- the Rhode Island Red. You haven't lived til you've had to worm a seriously ill chicken, and see the outcome, shall we say. Disgusting, but at least the wormer worked. Did all 3, no eggs for a while. One of them had 1 small egg, but with the short days, only Rosie is a regular layer. She laid most of last winter, with no extra lighting. What a good girl!

Thrifting-  I really scored today! Dropped off a small donation at our daughters thrift store where she works. Found a like-new zip up, cable hoodie sweater $3.00, 2 perfect onion soup bowls with lids- 2 for $1.50 (1/2 off today), and a brand new mezzaluna blade with chopping board from Alaska, $3.50. I had been looking at a french onion soup recipe recently, and though- dang if I only had the bowls! I oiled the chopping board, not a mark on it.

Do you like my snowflakes I add to the blog? I tried to increase the snowfall from the directions I had on, but couldn't figure out where in the code to put the other section. I emailed for directions.

The code for the snow-

script type="text/javascript" src="" />

then I'm supposed to add- 

snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 96;

to show more snow, but couldn't figure out the location. Any ideas out there?


Candy C. said...

Glad your chickie girl is all better now!
What great "stuff" you found at the thrift store! :)
I like the snowflakes just the way they are, not too distracting!

nancypo said...

Thanks. Ellie ran across the yard today, what a great sight!

Michelle said...

You will love the mezzaluna blade. I have one. WE lived in Alaska and everyone uses them. So,I had to try it. They are great for chopping herd up real fine. You found a lot of good buys