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Oct 22, 2011

Cooking & Fall Projects

Happy Autumn!
I love comfort food this time of year. This was great last week on a cold, fall night- Paprika Tomatoes

I posted the recipe a while back, great with homegrown tomatoes, fresh eggs, and a baguette! I also served it with some fresh, organic green beans from a friend, they were BIG!

This time of year it's "beat the clock". 65 and sunny, cold this morning, colors really showing in the trees. We put up our halloween decorations outside, cleaned up the garage, swept it out, and re-organized. Deep cleaning the yards, front and back. Once the cold hits, it's no fun doing that. Since it's supposed to be down in the 30's at night next week, we're finishing up the chicken "sun room". Only spent about $20.00 with all recycled materials. We will take down in the spring and store. Here's most of it erected today-

 We'll add pine shavings and a couple of small straw bales I got last week for $2.00. I'm sure they'll love their new playroom!


Candy C. said...

You have the luckiest chickens in Boise! Great job on the sunroom! :)

Kristina said...

Nancy, I gave your blog an award today. Come read about it on my blog today.

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