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Sep 24, 2011

Fall Is In The Air- Missing Nectarines

The Case of the Missing Nectarines- Ah, cooling off tomorrow, and finished up with my nectarines. My husband went out to pick the rest today- all gone. Now these were high up in the upper tree, so I figure the birds and squirrells got them. Oh well, I have 8 qt.s in the freezer, and made another huge cobbler from last week's harvest today-

Now I have some extra canning jars left over. I may make some jams now that I know how much I have to work with.

My Beach Theme- I put away my beachy themed goodies today, getting ready for some fall items to go out. Moving from Portland, Oregon I really miss the ocean. Here's one of my favorite things I put in our living room window for the summer, an old ball jar ful of seashells:

And the whole window-


Candy C. said...

The seashells and starfish definitely evoke summer! :)

Kristina said...

I love your jar of beach items. Some of my kids have not yet seen a beach ever. I hope to get them there before too long.

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