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Aug 9, 2011

Sewing Again! And Yes, It's Burlap!

Sewing!!! My Montgomery Ward sewing machine finally died this last year after many decades of minor repairs, etc. I hadn't really made any clothing since the 80's. Yes, that's dating me, but who cares! I finally broke down and bought a new one after two used ones, in a row, pooped out. I researched in, and read a lot before I chose this one. I got it on Amazon, with free shipping. It's a Singer Heavy Duty 4411.

I got the machine yesterday, took the time to read all the directions. Put in fresh needle, aan a couple of sample passes to check stitch length. Worked great! Not sure yet on the "heavy duty" aspect, but I assume it'll be ok. I just do mostly straight stitching.  Just wanted to be able to do some heavier fabrics on occasion. The cheaper Singer/Brothers I looked into had lousy reviews. Only complaint so far- lousy lighting! Singer, needs to get some LED lighting on these things! I will have to get a lamp next to it, for evening sewing. In daylight, with overhead on and machine light, not much lighting.

I did my first full project today, a summer cotton batik blouse. Worked great, even over areas with 6 layers of fabric and fusible stuff. Nice and even never had to adjust anything! I did a simple v-neck so I didn't have to deal with buttons right off. The pattern has 3 different necklines, so I'm going to make a sleeveless version next, with a keyhole neck. I sewed the whole shirt in about 2 hours, not bad! Back to school next week, good thing I got the machine now, as I will be in a sewing frenzy!  And I can finally tailor some things that are a little too big...

Yes, It's Burlap- Years and years ago I started using burlap for table runners, mantle covers, etc. It's all the rage now, apparently :)  I liked it for the texture and low cost. It does require a wash, because it has a distinctive SMELL!  Washed in the gentle cycle, with some softener, threw in the dryer. Nice and soft, and raggedy edge. Just clean out that lint trap, wow it was FULL! It will be off a bit straightness wise, beware. But, hey, it's burlap! $3.00 a yard here.

Today I washed my burlap bean bag I emptied, and stuffed it! New pillow!

I also added a few new burlap "ribbons" I made, to some things I already had to add some texture. I just used a little "Liquid Nails" glue on the back to hold it up, and keep them from sliding down-

a little hanging basket I got at the grocery store:

 and a french country topiary I made years ago, changed the paint, added the bow!

I'm going to re-use some stuffing from some worn pillows I have and make a new, larger burlap pillow. I will post pics soon...


Candy C. said...

That is a NICE looking sewing machine! Mine is getting pretty old, going on 20 years. Wish it would poop out so I could get a new one! ;)

Your top turned out great and I love your crafting with burlap!

nancypo said...

Thanks, and it actually works, without constant problems! It's not pretty, and electronic, but it does the job! Good warranty too... and I like the "white" burlap I got, compared to the light brown.

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