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Aug 11, 2011

New "Unplugged" Kitchen Goody

Oh boy, what excitement! I got my new chopper in the mail today (couldn't find one locally). It's a 3-cup manual chopper, I got the "arugula", but it also comes in red. I saw one on another blog, but after doing research (I love RESEARCH!) abandoned that model. Then I found this one-
Works great after my first use! Nice heavy plastic, easy to use, and clean. Also comes with a lid, for leftovers. I did a crumb topping for my blackberry crumb cake. Only took a few pulls once I got the hang of it! There's a ring on the top that comes up and pulls a heavy cable.          
                                     All the pieces- 

Crumb topping "before"-


Easy peasy!

What can you do to unplug your kitchen?


Candy C. said...

Very cool! About the only thing I ever use mine for is chopping the veggies for relish or salsa. Looks like this one is more versatile! :)

nancypo said...

Yes, it can do a few different things! And it's small too, easy to store...

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