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Jul 27, 2011

Sewing Cabinet Re-Do and "Finds"

Re-Do-Sewing Cabinet- All done!
I wound up doing the "creame antique" satin color, with the chalkboard paint in the center. Added a knob and wheels (free!), which we found had been taken off, go figure! A little shoutout to Dave, my hubby, for all his help!

All set and ready to sew!

I have found so much cool stuff over the summer (I have more time to go and look), I wanted to share! Most of mine were from thrift stores, or a local thrift store warehouse. I don't care for them as it takes WAY too long to find something, BUT on occasion I do- like this burlap bag full of beans! I thought I could make the bag into a pillow. Will see if the beans are any good! $6.00, because it was sold by weight.

My foley food mill, $3.00 and french bistro pitcher, 1 qt. size, $1.50 (half price). I always keep water on the dining table...
Breadbasket $1.50, just dusty and touched up with "old english"

Bread slicer, was missing the end, we cut some scrap plexiglass, works great! Since I'm making my own bread now, especially handy!

Foley 5 cup sifter, $4.00 vintage store, works!

Pocketwatch clock from the local Habitat Re-Store, $1.50, broken clock part, swapped from an old one I didn't want anymore. Cute! I saw something very close in the Pottery Barn catalog yesterday, was much smaller and over $60.00, wow! It's about 14" across...


Kristina said...

I wanted to let you know about the homemade mayo. We found a recipe on-line, but I found another one since then. Here is the link for it,
Instead of a food processor, you make it with an immersion blender. It looks better too. Our last mayo was made with olive oil, and had a more of a yellow color. Oh, I love your blog!

nancypo said...

Thanks will try that recipe, and I take that as high praise from an excellent fellow blogger :)

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